..to our comments site for the Restructuring of the FFWPU UK. Please note this site is best viewed on a PC or tablet.

You are free to comment on any part of this proposal, and the UK Restructuriing Committee will consider any comments you make.

Please also use this as a way to discuss the contents with each other. 

** We produced a final draft, version 4.0 incorporating your feedback. This includes one change from v3.2: the title of the Section for "Objectives and Membership" is now "Objectives and Voting Members", and one change from v3.3 in the National leaders section "taking into account any guidance received from True Mother and the International HQ;"  and a note on that page "Note:The process of the selection of the National Leader is still a point of discussion with International HQ whose stated primary concern is that True Mother retains the right to appoint a national leader if she should choose to do so. ".
V3.0 is included here for comparison.

Please note: The restructuring committee recognizes that this document is still very much work in progress. A number of important topics and unresolved questions have been raised in the feedback received. It is envisaged that many of these will be discussed and agreed upon by the National Council and Council of Communities, following their formation. Such topics include:
- Selection of Department Heads
- Nationality and residence requirements regarding nominations for National Leader
- Spiritual qualifications to be incorporated in HR job descriptions for pastors
- Hold an AGM for the membership